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Indian Nations and Tribes Legislative Day

20th Annual Indian Nations and Tribes Legislative Day
Tuesday, January 20th, 2015


Since 1995, the Arizona Commission of Indian Affairs, in cooperation with representatives from the state's Indian nations, facilitates an Indian Nations and Tribes Legislative Day on Tuesday of the second week of each regular legislative session.   Invitations are extended to each member of the state legislature, Governor and other elected officials to pay tribute to the history and culture of the American Indian peoples and their contributions to the prosperity and cultural diversity of the United States.

The day begins with a Joint-Protocol Session hosted by the Senate with floor privileges extended to tribal leaders to join their representative(s). The session traditionally begins with comments from the Senate President and Speaker of the House and closes with keynote address by Tribal Leaders.

This year’s event will focus on the health and wellness of native youth.  Based on the results of our strategic planning session, the Commission of Indian Affairs should focus efforts to improve the quality of life by improving public safety within tribal communities.  Public safety is a broad subject area in which some aspects are highly technical or simply beyond the jurisdiction of state law.  There are others areas that seem to overlap and involve the distribution of public services such as behavioral health, substance abuse, and suicide prevention.  Additional contributing factors that compromise public safety include domestic violence, gang activity, and truancy.  Unfortunately, there are an overwhelming number of social issues that are having an adverse impact on youth which leads to poor decision-making thus influencing the overall safety of a tribal community.
During our last information session, many attendees voiced concerns on substance abuse, domestic violence and increasing rates of suicide.  This year we would like to address those concerns by hosting two workshops one of which is specifically designed for youth and introduces the Native Youth Know (NYK) project.  The NYK project has been established by National Relief Charities (NRC) in partnership with the Arizona Commission of Indian Affairs (ACIA) to engage the talent, intelligence and energy of Arizona’s Native Youth. Through NYK, we seek to support creative youth-led projects that will have a positive impact on the public safety of tribal communities.  We would like to support projects that involve prevention of and/or protection from events and issues that could endanger or harm the people in the community.  Examples of public safety issues include drug use, trafficking, violence, harassment, littering, dangerous weather, and other quality of life issues. 

In 2015, NYK will award cash and technical assistance resources to a total of four (4) public safety projects. A youth council, tribal youth group, individual member of a tribal youth council or tribal youth group located on an Arizona federally-recognized tribe is eligible to submit a proposal which reflects the values of giving, thoughtfulness, innovation, and determination.  The NYK project initiates a conversation to establish a long term commitment to achieve personal goals identified by native youth.  Future activities will be formulated based on the youth discussions and recommendations.

Registration is limited to 150 youth (max.) to participate in the NYK Forum.   Each youth participant will receive an incentive for visiting and learning about six exhibiting health/wellness organizations.  Master incentives will be given to youth who attend and participate during the interactive forum to talk about public safety challenges within their tribal communities and make recommendations for improvement.  The forum concludes with presentations by the award recipients and their solutions to improve the quality of life in tribal communities.


GENERAL ONLINE REGISTRATION (includes exhibitor fair, meal ticket, and information session)

COMMITMENT FORM - (Note: Participation by exhibiting organizations will be limited to those with a health and wellness message, emphasize an area of public safety or motivate young people to make better choices.)


NYK APPLICATION AND GUIDELINES - Deadline: December 26, 2014
PDF Application & Guidelines (.pdf) | Fillable Application (.docx)

** REGISTRATION FOR NYK FORUM - Pre-registration is REQUIRED and limited to 150 youth (max.) to participate in the NYK Forum. Please fax of list of your student names and chaperones to 602.542.4428 or email

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